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Guest Search


The "Guest Search" form is accessed from the "Guest Register" form.

The "Guest Search" form is used to locate a specific guest or a range of guests in the guest database. After the search is performed, select a guest from the list in the "Search Results". Then double click the selection or clicking the "Display Guest" button will display the selected guest record in the "Guest Register" form. Searches can be performed with many different options to enable you to find any guest record.


Search ButtonsPerform a search:

  1. Type in the search text.
  2. Select a "Search Type" and "Field to Search" with your mouse. (If different from current selection).
  3. Click the "Search" button or press the "Enter" key. The results of the search will be displayed in the "Search Results" list.
  4. Select a guest (if found) that you wish to view in the "Guest Register" by either double clicking on the selection from the "Search Results" list with your mouse or select the guest from the "Search Results" list and click the "Display Guest" button.
  5. The selected guest will be displayed in the "Guest Register".

Close Form: The "Close" button closes the "Search" form and displays the "Guest Register".

Search OptionsSearch Options:

  • Search Type:
    Select a type of search to perform:
    • Exact Match: The search text typed into the search box must exactly match the information in the "Field to Search" or it will not be listed as found.
      Example: To find a guest with the first name "John" type in "John" select "First Name" and then click the "Search" button.
    • Begins With: (default) Type in the first portion of the search text even if it's only one letter. Example: To find all guests whose last name start with the letter B. Type in a B and then click the "Search" button or press "Enter".
    • Contains: Look for fields that contain the search text. To search for a guest when you can't remember the first or last part of the word to search for type in as much as you remember.
      Example: If you were looking for Mike McAlbertson and only remembered the Albert part. Type in "Albert", select "Contains" and "Last Name", then click search. If you type in an "A" only, he would still be found, but every guest with an "A" in their last name will also be found.
  • Field to Search:
    The available fields to search correspond to fields in the Guest Register. Select which field to search:
    • Search OptionsLast Name: Searches for a matching "Last Name".
    • First Name: Searches for a matching "First Name".
    • Spouse First: Searches for a matching "Spouse First Name" .
    • Spouse Last: Searches for a matching "Spouse Last Name".
    • City: Searches for a matching "City".
    • State: Searches for a matching "State" abbreviation.
    • Zip Code: Searches for a matching "Zip Code".
    • Company: Searches for a matching "Company".
    • E-mail: Searches for a matching "E-mail" address.
    • Search All: Searches all guest database fields for matching entries.
  • Advanced: Searches will only display a guest once. If "Search All" is selected it will not display the same guest twice even if multiple fields of the same guest in the guest database match the search text. The information in the database field that has matching text will be displayed on the left side of the search results list.

Print Results: The "Print Results" button prints the "Search Results" list.

Advanced: The "Search Results" displayed will begin with the "Field to Search" item with the exception of the "Search All" option or an "Arrival Date Range Search".

Search ArrivalSearch an Arrival Date Range:

Performing an "Arrival Date Range" "Search" is useful when you desire a list of all renters arriving in all propertys during a current month, week or other selected "Arrival Date Range".

Search Arrival SelectedTo perform this type of search click the "Arrive Between" check box to display the "Date Range" selectors. Select a minimum "Arrival Date" from the first date selector and a maximum "Arrival Date" in the second date selector. Press enter or the "Search" button to display all guests scheduled to arrive during the selected date range.

The guest name will be displayed along with the arrival, departure date and the name of the property the guest has reserved.

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