Rental Manager VR is designed for easy use by Vacation Rental Owners and Real Estate managers. View current bookings on the calendar, calculate rental fees, send pre-formatted email to one or all guests. Create custom MS Word mail merge documents. Send update email for new rentals or cancelations easily.

Rental Manager VR

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Property Owner Information


The property owner information is accessed from the tool bar of the guest register by clicking "View", "Owner".

This form is used to save property owner information for each property. If the same entity is the owner of more than one property it is not necessary to re-enter the owner informtion each time a property is added. Select the owner of the property you are adding from the list of owners already entered in the owner database using the drop down list next to the "Save Owner" button shown below.

  To add a new owner click the "Add Owner" button and fill in all desired information. This information can be modified or added at a later date by selecting the owner and making changes. Then click the "Save Owner Changes" button.
  Rental Property Owner Information
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