Rental Manager VR is designed for easy use by Vacation Rental Owners and Real Estate managers. View current bookings on the calendar, calculate rental fees, send pre-formatted email to one or all guests. Create custom MS Word mail merge documents. Send update email for new rentals or cancelations easily.

Rental Manager VR

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Rental Property Information Form


The "Rental Property Information" form is used to add, modify or delete property and owner information. A property must be added to the property database for the program to operate. Once a property is added the rest of the program accesses the property information to calculate costs, display booked or tentative dates, perform e-mail or MS Word mail merges and save data to the house database.

To access the "Rental Property Information" form click "View" on the toolbar of the "Guest Register" and select either "Rental Properties" or "Owners". Optionally click "Tools" on the toolbar of the "Calculator" form and then click "Default Values". Click "OK" at the prompt. The "Default Values Form" is now displayed. Either double click on the property name to change or click the "Add/Change House Management Commission" button to access the "Rental Property Information" form.


Modify, Add or Remove  House


Add a Property:

Property Name:
Click the "Add Property" button then type in the "Property Name". The program will automatically format all the words typed into the "Property Name" field into proper case (instead of good lil house the program will format it Good Lil House for you).

Rental Fee:
Input the price charged per day. Do not use a $0.00 (dollar symbol) the program will take care of that for you.

Management Fee:
If you are a Real Estate Company or charge a management fee enter the percent of the fee as a whole number without a %0(percent) symbol (the program will calculate the input value as a percentage) in the "Management Fee" field.

Property Address:
Type the address and the telephone number of the property into the fields provided.

Rental Fees and TaxesVerify the Fees and Taxes:
When a new property is added to the house database the program automatically fills in the taxes and standard fees from the "Default Values" database. You can change these values on a per property basis. If the cleaning fee is charged to the renter place a check in the "Charge Renter" check box and the cleaning fee will be added to the itemized expenses automatically each time a rental calculation is made for the property you are adding.

Verify each of the "Standard Fees" and make changes as necessary.

Continue adding information about the property as desired in the available blank fields under the "Amenities" and "Notes" tabs of this form.


Rental AmenitiesAmenities:
The rental amenities are: BR (number of Bedrooms), BA (number of Bathrooms), Maximum Occupancy (highest number of guest allowed to rent the property at one time), and Other Amenities (other amenities such as Jacuzzi, hot tub, satellite TV, etc. which you wish to keep in your records.


Rental NotesRental Notes:
The rental notes can be used to add additional amenities if enough space was not available in the "Other Amenities" section under the amenities tab or for special instructions or reminders to staff.

The "Legal Address - Legal Description" field is used for the legal address of the property for leases and contracts. Example: Unit 2, Lot 7, of High Pine Subdivision.


Save the property to the database:
If you wish, enter the "Owner" information by clicking the owner tab and filling out all desired fields (see instructions) for the owner or add or you can select an owner for this property later.

Now save the property you added to the database by clicking the "Save Property " button.

After the property is added it will appear in the "Select a Property" drop down list. If another property is to be added begin again at step one above. When all propertys have be added, modified or removed click the "Close this form" button.


Modify a property:

Step One:
Select a property from the "Select a Property" drop down list.

Step Two:
Change the price per day, management fee or any other field and then click the "Save Property Changes" button to save the changes to the selected property.

Remove a property:

Step One:
Select a property from the "Select a Property" drop down list.

Step Two:
Click the "Delete Property" button to delete the selected property. Clicking the "Delete" button permanently removes the property from the house database.

When all propertys have be added, modified or removed click the "Close" button.

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