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Outlook Signature


The "Outlook Signature" form is accessed from the "Select E-mail" form.

The "Outlook Signature" form is used to "Create", "Edit" or "Delete" files that will be added to merged e-mail sent to guests. If you already have a signature file for your version of MS Outlook it will appear in the "Existing Signature Files" list. (Most versions of Windows)

  Outlook Signature Form

Signature File Name: This is the file name of the "Signature File". Use something descriptive as it will appear in the list box of "Existing Signature Files" on this form and the "Select Signature" list of the "E-mail Selection" form.

Existing Signature Files: A list of saved signature file names. Double click on a file in the list to edit it.

Signature: The large box above is used to edit the actual signature. Such as:
Best Regards,

Happy Homeowner

Save Signature: When finished creating a new signature or editing an existing signature click the "Save Signature" button to save the file.

Delete Signature: Deletes an existing signature file if displayed.

Close: Closes this window and displays the "E-mail Selection" form.

Clear: Clears the "Outlook Signature" form fields to begin a new signature.

Set as Default Signature File: If checked when the "Save Signature" button is clicked it will set the saved signature as the signature used for all e-mail sent to guests. The default signature file can be changed from the "E-mail Selection" form.



  1. Click the "Clear" button. The cursor will move to the "Signature File Name" box. Type in 'Best Regards'.
  2. Click in the "Signature" box. (large box on the form).
  3. Type in 'Best Regards' again and press the "Enter" key twice.
  4. Type in 'Happy Homeowner' or your name.
  5. Click the "Set as Default Signature File" box and mark it checked.
  6. Click the "Save Signature" button.
  7. Click the "Close" button to return to the "E-mail Selection" form.
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