Rental Manager VR is designed for easy use by Vacation Rental Owners and Real Estate managers. View current bookings on the calendar, calculate rental fees, send pre-formatted email to one or all guests. Create custom MS Word mail merge documents. Send update email for new rentals or cancelations easily.

Rental Manager VR

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Getting Started


This short tutorial will step you through the forms needed to get started with the "Rental Manager VR" program. Print this help page and keep it handy for easy reference.

  1. Start the Rental Manager VR program (after installation).
  2. The first time the program runs it will create 4 databases.
  3. The "Calculator" form is displayed.
  4. Click "Tools" on the tool bar.
  5. Click "Default Values".
  6. The "Default Values" form is displayed.
    • Leave the "Default Values" set at default or make any desired changes.
    • The "Default Values" are what will appear when a new property is added in the "Standard Fees - Taxes" area.
  7. Click the "Add/Change Property Management Commission" button.
  8. The "Rental Property Information" form is displayed.
    Do not use any $ dollar symbols or % percent symbols.
    • In the "Property Name" field under "Add Property" type in the name of your Property.
    • Press "Tab" and enter the "Price per day" you charge for the rental fee.
      • Example" $150.00 per day would be entered 150.00 or 150 without the $ symbol.
    • If you are a Real Estate company press "Tab" and enter the "Management Fee".
      • Example: 22.5% would be entered 22.5 without % symbol.
    • Use the mouse and tab keys to navigate the form and continue to fill out the address and pricing information about the Property you are adding.
      • Notice that the "Standard Fees - Taxes" displayed are the same as entered in the default values form.
    • Click the "Save Property" button.
    • Close the "Rental Property Information" form.
  9. The "Default Values" form is displayed.
    • The Property you just added is listed in the "Property Name and Daily Rate" list.
  10. Click the "Calculator" button.
  11. The "Calculator" form is displayed.
  12. Select the property you added from the "House Name" list box.
  13. Press the "Tab" key.
  14. Type 4 in the "People" field.
  15. Press the "Tab" key.
  16. Type 5 in the "Nights" field.
  17. Press the "Enter" key to calculate the itemized rental fees.
  18. Click the "Guest Register" button with your mouse.
  19. The "Guest Register" is displayed with the itemized rental fees displayed.
  20. Type in the guest name, address, and etc. as needed to complete the form.
  21. Click "Save Guest" to save the guest to the database.
  22. You will receive a prompt that the guest was added and asking if you wish to add another guest.

You just added your first guest and property to the databases. Read the other help files for a detailed explanation of each form in the program.

When the databases are created a default guest and property are added to the databases and default values are set in the default values database. One of the first things you will with to do is remove the property named "Add House" from the house database. This property cannot be removed until another property is added. The property and guest databases require at least one record for the program to function properly.

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