Rental Manager VR is designed for easy use by Vacation Rental Owners and Real Estate managers. View current bookings on the calendar, calculate rental fees, send pre-formatted email to one or all guests. Create custom MS Word mail merge documents. Send update email for new rentals or cancelations easily.

Rental Manager VR

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E-mail Selection Form


The "E-mail Selection" form can only be accessed from the "Guest Register" form. There are two ways to display this form from the "Guest Register" form. Click the "File" then "E-mail" on the tool bar or click the button at the bottom of the "Guest Register" form.

The "E-mail Selection" form makes use of the Microsoft Outlook program and will not function without MS Outlook installed on your computer. The "E-mail Selection" form has several sections as described below. The primary purpose of this form is to enable you to quickly send pre-formatted e-mail templates to the guest currently displayed on the "Guest Register" form or to send a pre-formatted e-mail template to all of the guests in the database.

The guest information is not accessible to MS Outlook and will not be added to any of the databases used by MS Outlook.

  Email Selection Form

Getting Started with pre-formatted e-mail:

Prior to using this form a pre-formatted e-mail template must be created using the "E-mail Template" form. The "E-mail Template" form can only be accessed from the "E-mail Selection" form by clicking the "Edit Template" button or the "Create Template" button.

  • Edit Signature: MS Outlook will insert a pre-formatted signature into new e-mail if you select the option and have one designed for this purpose. MS Outlook has a wizard for this purpose. When a pre-formatted signature file is created using the MS Outlook wizard it is saved in three formats (.RTF, Rich Text Format, .TXT, Plain Text Format, and .HTML, Hypertext Markup Language). If you created a pre-formatted signature file with MS Outlook clicking the "Edit Signature" button will display them in most versions of Windows. If none are shown create a new one using the "Create Signature" button.
    The only format supported by the "Rental Manager VR" software is the plain text (.TXT) format. (.rtf, .txt, and .htm or .html are "file extensions" that appear after the file name)
  • Create Signature: This button accesses the "Outlook Signature File" form which allows you to create a new pre-formatted signature file and saves in the plain text format.
  • Send Blank E-mail: This button opens MS Outlook with the current guest's e-mail address input in the "To:" field of a blank e-mail. Pre-formatted e-mails are great time savers but there will always be a need to send a guest a special e-mail that you will probably not need to reuse.
  • Edit Template: This button opens the "E-mail Template" form with a list of pre-formatted e-mail files displayed.
  • Create Template: This button opens the "E-mail Template" form where a new e-mail template can be created and saved in the plain text format. If you create a pre-formatted e-mail using another program you will need to paste the text from that document into the "Rental Manager VR" program or it will not function. (Special code is needed for the e-mails to work in the "Rental Manager VR" program as well as adding in "Fields" from the guest database.)
  • Guest Register: This button closes the "E-mail Selection" form and returns you to the "Guest Register" form.
Top Right Check Boxes
  • Send to All: Selecting this option and sending a selected e-mail will send a separate pre-formatted e-mail to each guest in the database with an e- mail address that has a valid e-mail address format. Some versions of MS Outlook will display a warning for each e-mail the program sends and it requires a response each time. Sending e-mail with this option does not display them in MS Outlook prior to them being sent. They will be listed in the sent item folder.
  • Preview Email: When selected (Default) this option causes all e-mail sent via MS Outlook to be displayed prior to being sent. You must click send from MS Outlook or the e-mail will not be sent.
  • Skip Blacklist: When selected (Default) this option skips over guests in the database that are "Blacklisted". If you want to send a blacklisted guest an e-mail you must deselect this option.
  • Include Signature: When selected this option attaches the selected pre-formatted signature to the e-mail being sent. If you have more than one pre-formatted signature and wish to change from the one selected. Un-check then check this item and a list of available pre-formatted signatures will appear.

Bottom information and buttonsThe information at the very bottom of the form tells you whether you are "Connected Via Modem", "Connected Via LAN" or "Not Connected". This does not effect how the program functions.

Send Email Using Selected Template: There are two ways to send the selected template. Either select a template and click this button or double click the e-mail template you wish to send.

This form displays the available templates in the large box on the left side of the form. Double clicking one of these items sends the e-mail to the current guest in the "Guest Register".


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