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Default Values


The "Default Values" form is used to set the default values of the standard fees and taxes when new rental properties are added using the "Rental Property Information" form. The "Standard fees" and "Taxes" are charged to all rentals. The "Property Name and Daily Rate" is the rental fee and management commission charged on a per property basis.

When the program is installed and run for the first time the "Default Values" are preset by the program. If at any time you wish to reset these values to the default values click the "Load Defaults" button at the bottom right side of this form.


Standard Fees:

Standard FeesBy changing the "Standard Fees" on this form you are setting the values input when new properties are added to the house database via the "Rental Property Information" form. Listed below are each of the fees and a description of each.

  1. Peak Rate: The peak rate is charged on a "Per night basis". If you charge a higher rate for some seasons of the year type in the amount "Per night" that is more than the "base rental fee" charged.(See "Free days per week")
  2. Extra Per Person: If you charge an extra fee for larger parties who stay in a property. Type in the extra amount here per person. (See "Free People per Day")
  3. Free People per Day: This is the number of people that can stay in the property(s) before the "Extra Per Person" rate begins to be added to the "base rental fee" charged per day.(See "Extra Per Person")
  4. Damage Deposit: This is the amount charged to cover any damages to the property caused by the renter and is calculated on a "per rental basis".
  5. Free days per week: This is the number of "Free Days" per week. If a guest reserves a week and you only charge them for 5 of the 7 days this value would be 2. Most vacation rentals have a different daily and weekly rate with the weekly rate being lower if divided by 7. If you charge the same amount whether they stay 1 day or 7 days enter 0 here. "Peak Rate", "base rental fee" and "Extra Per Person" are charged only to days that are not free.
  6. Per Rental Cleaning: This is a fee charged on a "per rental basis" not on a daily or weekly scale.
  7. Repeat Guest Disc: Repeat guests are easier and quicker to process, take better care of the property and need encouragement to come again and again. If you automatically give guests a discount for repeat rentals on a percentage basis enter that amount here as a whole number (i.e. 10% would be 10). In the "Guest Register" check the "Repeat Guest" check box and when the calculation is complete the percentage of discount is shown in the "%Disc" box of the calculator and the calculated amount of the discount will appear in the itemized fees.


Tax Rate and DescriptionTaxes added to rentals make manual calculations slower and more time consuming. Enter a description in the left box and a tax rate in the right box. Don't use the % symbol the program does it for you. You can enter up to three separate tax rates and descriptions in the boxes provided. When you save the values for the entire form the program will display the "Total Tax Rate" for your review.

House Name and Daily RateProperty Name and Daily Rate:

The area shown (right) displays a listing of all propertys by name in the property database, the current "daily rental rate" for each property and the total number of propertys currently in the database. Use this area to quickly access and modify a specific property by double clicking on a selected property or click the "Add/Change Property, Management Commission" button to access that form.

Default Values:

Here is a brief definition of some of the terms used above:

  1. Per night basis: Charged for every night of the reservation except those that are "Free Days".
  2. Per rental basis: Charged once for each reservation no matter how long or short.
  3. Base rental fee: Daily rate charged for the property selected.
  4. Free Days: Days to which no fees are added to the rental calculation.



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