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Rental Manager VR

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Rental Calculator

  The "Rental Calculator" form performs all calculations for the program. It is one of two forms that can be chosen as a "Start Up" form. The amount of tax to charge for each item; The cost per night charged for the property selected; The number of free nights per week as well as several other items come from the "Rental Property Information" form. The "Standard Fees - Taxes" must be entered prior to performing any meaningful calculations. Access the "Rental Property Information" form by clicking "View" then "Rental Properties " from the "Guest Register". Moving your mouse over and pausing it over any area of the forms will display tips for each item. Clicking on some areas will display a brief help text on the "Rental Calculator" form. To make the helpful tips go away click on the icon at the bottom of the "Rental Calculator" form. Clicking "Exit" from on the "Rental Calculator" form closes the program without saving any changes.

Calculator Input:

To calculate the cost for a rental for a guest you need to:

  1. Select a property from the property drop down list.
  2. Type in the number of people that will stay in the property selected for the visit.
  3. Type in how many nights the renter wishes to reserve.
  4. Select whether the peak season rental rate applies by checking or un-checking the "peak ?" check box. (The peak season rate must be input on the "Rental Property Information" form.
  5. If a discount applies input it as a whole number in the "%Discount" field (calculates discount for the entire rental fee) or type in a dollar amount in the $Discount field.
  6. Type in any miscellaneous fees in the "Misc. Fees" fields. (The description is NOT saved to the database) See below for further information.
  7. Click the "Calculate" button or press the Enter key on your keyboard and the calculated values will be displayed on the right side of the form.
  8. View or add the renters' information by clicking the "Guest Register" button. (Top right of form)
  9. Preview and then print the calculated values by clicking the "Print Preview" button. (Top right of form)

The daily rate is the calculated amount per night for the total rental fee after discounts and any extra fee per guest over the default "Free Guests" per night divided by the length of the stay. This does not include any damage deposit, taxes or miscellaneous fees. Top of Calculator Form

Management Fees:

Calculator Management FeesManagement fees are a calculated value performed by the program. These values are calculated from the amount of management fee input into the property database via the "Rental Property Information" form.

Miscellaneous Fees:

Since Miscellaneous fees are seldom applicable the description is NOT saved to the database. The amount charged Calculator Misc. Feeshowever IS saved to the database. If you charge miscellaneous fees it is recommended that you save the amount and description of the miscellaneous fee by typing it into the "Memo" field for the guest in the "Guest Register"

Calculator Calculated FeesItemized Fees:

Each fee listed at the right is a calculated value:

  • Rental Fees - Total amount of the base rental fee.
  • Total Discount - Total amount of the "Cash Discount" plus the "Percent Discount".
  • Damage Deposit(s) - Damage deposit for a property with a stay of at least one night.
  • Misc. Fees - Total of the miscellaneous fees input as described in the section above.
  • Cleaning Fee - The total amount of the cleaning fee charged for property with a stay of at least one night. If selected on the "Rental Property Information" form in the "Standard Fees - Taxes" section.
  • Sub Total No Tax - Total amount of fees that are added to the total due which are not taxable.
  • Sub Total Taxed - Total amount of fees that are added to the total due which are taxable.
  • Taxes - There are three values which will be calculated if a value has been added to the "Rental Property Information" form. Each item is calculated separately and totaled below.
  • Totals
    • Rental Fee Total - Total amount of all taxable items before taxes
    • Tax Total - Total of the taxes charged to the taxable items
    • Total Due - This is the total amount due from the renter.

What do these buttons do:

Calculator Bottom ButtonsThe two buttons shown at right are used to:

MS Outlook IconSend a price quote e-mail to an e-mail address.

Close any helpful hints you selected on the "Calculator" form.

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