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  1. Why do I need a website?
  2. What type of programming goes into a website?
  3. Why are web sites so expensive?
  4. Can I maintain my website myself?
  5. I already have a website but it looks different in Netscape than it does in MS Explorer, Why?
  6. What is a Domain Name and do I really need one?
  7. What is involved in website maintenance?
  8. Why do some web pages load slower than others even if they don't look any bigger?


  1. Not everyone needs a website. You should only go to the expense of a website if you desire to advertise a business, service or have information you think is valuable and want others to see.
  2. Ziff Davis, TUDOGS, and Hot Wired Web Monkey have great websites for the novice developer and explain many esoteric terms for you.
  3. Web sites are expensive due to the amount of work that goes into them, the expense of the programs to make them and the amount of time required to get them working right.
  4. You can maintain your own website if you have the time and are willing to learn the programs and programming languages necessary.
  5. Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer are "Web Browsers". They can't even agree on what colors to use, or how they are going to interperate HTML code. When building a website it is imperative to test each page to insure it looks the same in both.
  6. A "Domain Name" is the "URL" unique resource locator. If you don't have your own domain name you will have to use someone elses. Your website address instead of being would be so the choice is yours. If you wish to have a shorter or easier to remember domain name get your own.
  7. Website maintenance can be simple or very time consuming. Just as you maintain your computer at home by running "scandisk" and "defrag" each month so does the "server" where you have your website installed. This will occasionally cause files to be changed or corrupted, so that they don't look the same or no longer work at all. "Links" should be checked (validated) each month to insure the page they point to is still there. Search Engine ranking should be checked to see if you are listed and how high you rank in the results. Activity reports need to be checked to insure the "Key words" used in the "Meta Tags" are the ones people are using when they search for your website. Research and reccomendations from the webmaster are sometimes invaluable when marketing your business on the internet.
  8. Some web pages load slower than others due to "Java Script" but most of the slow loading web pages are due to the graphics or images are not being optomized properly. (Too Large)

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